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We offer a range of workshops to meet your specific needs. Click on the the workshop names below for more information:

Branch Out Theatre will happily customize and design personalized workshops based on your requests. We will work with you directly to fulfill your goals and desires.

An interactive theatre-based workshop that helps individuals, communities, staff and teams build individual and collective leadership skills.  In this workshop participants will rehearse effective communication, leading with compassion, listening skills, conflict-resolution, and supporting the leadership efforts of their peers, colleagues and teammates.

An empowering workshop that provides an opportunity to rehearse advocating for social justice!  Using popular theatre games and techniques, participants will be invited to reflect on experiences of oppression in their lives and the world around them to motivate dialogue and actively determine possible ways to create positive change!

Rehearse strategies for problem solving, role-play actively resolving conflicts with non-violent communication and develop the courage and confidence to be an agent of change. This workshop allows groups to identify, recreate and explore everyday conflicts using theatre to better understand conflicts from multiple perspectives, and to try out different ways of disarming them. An excellent workshop for addressing bullying.

*workshops catered to address case specific conflicts.

A workshop geared towards addressing issues of diversity, equity and human rights in the workplace and actively rehearsing small steps to motivate momentous change!

A motivating workshop that inspires group support, conflict resolution, positive reinforcement and unites individuals to work together as a strong and empowered team!

This workshop provides an opportunity for youth to explore literature through dramatic techniques and games to enhance their literary comprehension.

This workshop inspires parents to ignite their imagination, creativity and hone their storytelling skills to connect and communicate with their children through literature.  *Recommended for parents of early learners to help foster their children’s literacy skills and love for learning.

A workshop that invites participants to reflect on the importance of water and act out simple steps one can take to work towards water conservation, and rehearse being a water warrior.

*The title of this workshop was inspired by Canadian Water activist and author, Maude Barlowe, who calls out to citizens around the globe to be water warriors and act out for water justice!

Proven through medical studies, laughter is the key to supporting physical health and emotional wellbeing. Laugh your heart out with joyful theatre games, and gain insight into how laughter helps your overall physical health, from the inside out!

An uplifting, relaxing workshop that focuses on positive self-care and restoring balance and energy through identifying stressors and rehearsing simple tools for conflict resolution, time management, adding joy and removing stress from one’s daily routine.

An inspiring workshop for building and sustaining self-esteem, self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-expression in a supportive environment.

This workshop is an invitation for affirmation!

*This workshop can directly address the topic of body image and encourage participants to develop a positive, healthy sense of self!

An introduction to a therapeutic method of improvisation that invites participants to share their personal stories.  Participants will have the opportunity to cast their fellow group members as the characters in their story and experience the catharsis of seeing their story played back!

An Introductory workshop or workshop series in renowned Brazilian director and social justice advocate, Augusto Boal’s (1931-2009), †Image Theatre and/or  ‡ Forum Theatre techniques that empower oppressed individuals and communities to use the theatre as a rehearsal for social change.  *Intermediate and Advanced workshops also available to continue building on introductory skills and learn the art of joking for a forum theatre piece.

Image Theatre allows people to express themselves non-verbally, through creating frozen pictures (tableaux) and body movement, thus sharpening the senses of sight and visual observation. Image theatre is a helpful tool for groups to identify an issue and visualize, step by step, how they can pave the path toward realizing and fulfilling their dreams.

Forum Theatre is a theatre-based visioning exercise, which allows communities to identify salient issues, explore their complexities and develop inspirational action plans to reconcile, transform and solve them. Forum theatre involves the development of a short performance piece based on personal stories of oppression that link to the wider social and political climate. A crucial part of the process involves performing the forum theatre play for an audience who is invited to become “spect-actors” and intervene in the action of the play to rehearse possible alternatives; providing deeper understanding of the issues and how to work through them.

An experiential workshop using renowned Brazilian director and social justice advocate, Augusto Boal’s (1939-2010), dramatic methods for personal growth, self-care and self-empowerment. 

A workshop focusing on vocal projection, articulation and effective communication on and off stage.

A fun-filled workshop exploring different forms of theatrical improvisation to help you improvise in learning, work and life.  Improvisational games and activities help us re-discover the senses and help us break out of thought and behavioural patterns, think on our toes, develop lateral thinking skills and be creative.

A workshop focusing on building different characters for the stage through physical and vocal expression.

  • Introduction to Viewpoints

a workshop that teaches the Viewpoints technique, designed by choreographer Mary Overlea and adapted by director Anne Bogart for the stage, that invites participants to explore character development through movement motivated by specific viewpoints

  • Movement & Sound

a workshop that guides participants through intuitive and spontaneous movement, rhythm and sound creation.

  • Introduction to Kabuki Theatre workshop

Learn basic techniques of the Ancient Japanese style of theatre arts.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation” – Plato.  School and society encourage competition and yet we know that things done in collaboration tend to be far more innovative, successful, inclusive, stress-less, supportive and fun. This workshop offers a joyful variety of movement, improvisation, storytelling and character building games that focus on creative self-expression and re-center the values of friendship, cooperation and trust in support of more effective teamwork.

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