About Us

Our Vision

Branch Out Theatre believes in the use of popular theatre as a branch towards social change; the use of creative participatory engagement to promote self-expression, community building and trust

Our Mission

Branch Out Theatre aims to co-create transformative workshops, productions and projects that:

  • inspire personal growth, self-confidence and creative collaboration
  • raise awareness about pertinent social issues
  • empower individuals and communities to be pro-active agents of change

Our Story

Branch Out Theatre was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2010 by Naomi Tessler who wished to use popular theatre to plant seeds of change: mobilizing the use of theatre to transcend boundaries, transform pertinent social issues, connect and empower people to practice heart-centered communication and transform the world around them.

Since 2010, Naomi and her team of Associate Facilitators & Artists have led workshops, projects & shared productions in: Toronto, Ottawa, the Gatineau Hills, Owen Sound, Kitchener/Waterloo, Montreal, London, Las Vegas & New York. We are excited to keep growing, serving an co-creating with communities through popular theatre, wherever we are called to do so!

At Branch Out Theatre we are guided by the notion that the art of co-creating space for dialogue, sharing and enacting stories creates the conditions for individuals and communities to identify and solve their own struggles. Our workshops and productions co-create the space for re-awakening imagination, addressing pressing issues and enacting change through improvisation, cooperative theatre games, movement, playwriting, devising original theatre, storytelling, dialogue and more!

Branch Out Theatre specializes in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, which centralizes pertinent issues of injustice in order to empower individuals and communities to be agents of change. Playback Theatre is another method we draw from which supports us in inviting stories of all kinds to be heard and seen.

In addition to a variety of established programs, Branch Out Theatre also offers custom-designed workshops and productions to fulfill client needs and requests.

Branch Out Theatre operates from an anti-oppression framework: Our services are offered for people of every age, ability, race, socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, culture and religion and we believe in creating space and opportunity for all voices to be heard, all bodies to be appreciated, all beings to be included, welcomed and loved.

We believe that popular theatre provides a positive outlet to interpret and act upon the world; using creative means as catalysts for cultivating change.

We Look forward to Branching Out Through Theatre with you!

Creativity. Community. Transformation.