Associate Artist/Facilitator

Natalie Abdou, M.Ed. Candidate is deeply committed to collaborating with people and communities for positive social transformation and believes theatre is a powerful and magical way to do so.  Natalie has worked for over 8 years in community development contexts to raise awareness around local and global social justice issues.  Using a blend of adult, popular and theatre education, she seeks to co–create spaces for personal reflection, community building, civic action and positive social change.  Natalie works with the Young People’s Theatre as their Community Participation Coordinator, using theatre to explore issues relevant to children and youth while building capacities in leadership, conflict resolution and collaboration.  She also works with the Coady International Institute, connecting with youth practitioners from across Canada, using education to explore the complexities of community-based development.  Natalie‘s love of transformative learning, social justice and theatre allows her to share, learn and grow with others through community.

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