Founder/Artistic Director/Facilitator

Naomi Tessler, M.A. has been working with communities globally for 18 years, using theatre to inspire positive change! She is a graduate of the Masters of Arts program in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities, New York University and currently facilitates and develops Branch Out Theatre workshops and productions with organizations and groups in Toronto and Ottawa.  She is passionate about using theatre as a tool for encouraging self-empowerment, self-confidence, environmental awareness, social justice and well-being.  As a facilitator, Naomi has an extensive background in Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, acting, physical theatre, storytelling, directing and playwriting and strives to share these tools with those she works and collaborates with.  In addition to being a dynamic workshop facilitator and educator, Naomi also works as an actor, director, playwright, poet, singer and Reiki Master. She believes in uniting communities through theatre to build bridges and break through barriers.


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